Book a hot meal for the sick and homeless elderly singles at Casa Nicolae.

Because our funds are limited and the number of elders at Nicola Housee is constantly growing, we are appealing to your kindness to help us with the daily feeding of the elderly staying at the Nicolae House. Any donation is welcome!

You can book a hot meal for those who live at Casa Nicolae.

Hrănim zilnic peste 60 batrani, din acest motiv, va cerem ajutorul pentru a avea resursele necesare pentru că aceștia să beneficieze de hrană. Contravaloarea unei mese zilnice (pranz) este de aproximativ 85 euro(422 RON). BNR exchange rate

Please note: the amount of 85 euro(420 RON) reprezintă contravaloarea pranzului pentru toate cele 60 de persoane pe care le găzduim.

How can you book a table?

Book a date from the calendar below!

  1. Choose an available date from the calendar
  2. Fill in the form, click on the Book button, wait a few seconds and you will be redirected to the payment methods
  3. Choose a payment method (if you are unable to pay during your booking, you can use the methods below for payment)
  • Card 
  • Paypal ([email protected])
  • Bank Transfer Beneficiary H.A.P.P.Y. ASSOCIATION RON account: RO 71 RNCB 0041 1470 3703 0001 ///// Euro account: RO 44 RNCB 0041 1470 3703 0002 (please confirm the transfer by text message to +40756314281 or on messenger here) )
  • Revolut +40756314281

4. Pay the amount of 85 euro(422 RON) required by payment methods

Contact us at 0756 314 281 or on facebook messenger here


For companies: If You want to book month hot via signature, o you can face in base a sponsorship contract. Book tablespaydownload the sponsorship contract, it fill in and ne send a completed copy to [email protected]. Download contract.



Choose an available date from the calendar. Order from any restaurant 60 meniuri (order these menus from the restaurant on the date chosen from the calendar). We go to the restaurant on that date and collect the menus. Please call us on 0756 314 281 to confirm your order.

If you can not handle the order and you are from Botosani, contact us at 0756 314 281 and we'll come to you if you want to donate. You can also transfer to our bank account the amount of 85 euro(415 RON) and we'll take it from there. Please call us if you are transferring for confirmation. +40756 314 281

Choose an available date from the calendar and follow the instructions.

If you are unable to pay on the site, check the email you registered with, you have payment methods in your email.

Please specify in the details which payment method you have chosen (bank transfer, paypal, card, this is essential to identify the reservations).

You can select and book a number May sea days from calendar. Total days reserved if will cumulative in-o alone payment.

Select day/days desired from calendar, fill in details, click on the RESERVEwait several seconds to if load methods of payment, choose payment method.

If you want to book a day in another month from the calendar and it is not visible, press the arrow/button on the calendar and you can see the months until December. 

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